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A quarter century ? It can't be...

In April of this year, Bynum Architecture LLC completed its 25th year of existence. I am so thankful to have had so many talented people influence and role model for me in my formative years. Firms such as TVS in Atlanta, LS3P in Charleston and Walter Robbs Callahan & Peirce in Winston-Salem (sorry no card- I just built models, ran prints and drew stair details back then) A special thank you to three very special professionals: Lloyd Walter who hired me during college summers, Lamar T. Webb of St. Simons Island, my first boss fresh out of NC State in 1983, and Jere Williams of TVS. Jere would construct full scale drawings of details (9' tall, I kid you not) to ensure that water was kept out of a Macy's in Miami. I thank you all for the training, the mentoring and giving me the chance to learn what they never taught us in school! Here's to the next 25 years!


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